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To Collaborate, To Exchange, To Share, with minds alike in solidarity

To Question, To Examine, To Imagine, the situation together to formulate

a Result, a Response, a Reflection, a Critique on the current stance on international students.

For Rundgang 2021 PanaLobby picks up where we left off last year.

In the spirit of public involvement, we invite various organizations and initiatives situated in Kassel which are often associated with key words such as: Belonging, Foreign, Home. To examine, question and reflect on the current situation regarding international, immigrant, and discrimination issues.

The result is a series of thought-provoking posters located all around Kassel. At hotspots where these issues intersect. Allowing visitors to write their thoughts regarding these topics directly on the posters.

Since this idea of belonging is not only about using buildings as backdrops for our questions, we think it is important to also use our bodies as a mediums to spread this message. We will be setting up a screen-printing area to print our questions on clothing to see how this idea and questioning behind belonging changes when seen on the human body, how will interactions and answers change when eyes and ears are attached to them.

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