About Us

The student initiative PanaLobby is concerned with the interests of international students. And works for an improved internationalization and networking of the Kunsthochschule Kassel.

PanaLobby came into being in 2015 as a reaction to the experiences and difficulties of Paula Godinez (Mexico City) and Yuyen Lin-Woywod (Taipei) as international students in Germany. Through numerous offers and activities, we have made a noticeable improvement of international students’ situation.

PanaLobby helps international students to feel welcomed and integrated. We create new opportunities for international and German students’ to exchange and cooperate. Moreover, PanaLobby sees itself as a testing platform for cross-cultural conversation that actively intervenes in KHK’s organisational structure.

We, as a group of international and German students., achieve this by giving international students not only the support they require, but also an empowering platform for them to participate actively in the structural evolution of the KHK. Benefitting both students and the University.

Since the semi-autonomous Kunsthochschule Kassel does not have its own “International Office”. There is often confusion regarding which office is responsible for international students. The work of PanaLobby in recent years is therefore vital for international students.

We are PanaLobby

We are a group of selfless, openhearted and kind humans/bees with a sincere interest in assisting and accompanying other bee-ings’ application and exploration process at the Kunsthochschule Kassel. And on top of that, to provide a platform for international students.

The lack of direction that you can feel in a new place can be overwhelming. When you feel no one is around to help. Unfortunately, the bureaucratic enrollment process for Kunsthochschule Kassel is not very clear for those who are not familiar with the german language (It’s tedious even for those who do).

Each one of us in PanaLobby has gone through the emigration and adaptation process for this unfamiliar environment. The knowledge and resource we have picked up on our way is the foundation of PanaLobby. So that you can go through a more comfortable, welcoming process. And have your mind nurtured with the sweet, sweet nectar of wisdom Art can bring to the world and our lives in KHK.

What we do?

We provide assistance and information to students and international applicants, like you, interested in becoming part of the KHK. We do it through events and various publications on our website. And are also available to speak personally with anyone interested in having a one-one conversation.

We are also engaged in various contemporary topics regarding social justice and awareness. As artists, we think it is necessary to not just see and think in different ways. But also to bring awareness to the world through our work and community building.

Are you new to KHK?

Our primary interest is to help international students who want to start their studies at the Kunsthochschule Kassel. But don’t worry; we also are there for all students interested in our work. Or those who wish to take part in actions to change the current and arising social situations in KHK.

Paula Godinez
She was born in Mexico City. Since 2014 She has moved between Berlin, Mexico and the class of Bjørn Melhus at Kunsthochschule Kassel. She is a founding member of the student initiative Panalobby, holds a grant by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung and loves bees and Techno music.

Alejandra Montoya
Born in Mexico city, living in Kassel, Germany since 2016. She studies Visual arts using mostly video, photography and text as medium. Speaks Spanish, English, and German.

Richard Corchan
Has lived in Kassel, Germany since 2014 and is currently studying Visual Arts (with interests in Installation, Sculpture, Video, and Illustration). Speaks English, Spanish, and German. Insta: richthecoch

Ana Vera
Born in Mexico, lives in Kassel since 2015. Speaks Spanish, English and German. She Studies Bildende Kunst in the Kunsthochschule Kassel since 2019. Painting and Photograpy are the main mediums of her work.

Albert Gesk
Born in Taipei. Studies Visual Arts. Is currently responsible for the organization of PanaLobby. Speaks German, English and Mandarin. If you need any help; contact me regardless of using which language ;D