Project Description

The game “Non-German Student Ärgere Dich Nicht” shows the complex evaluation process at german universities for international students.

Under the name of “International Stem Table” we developed the idea of a game, which shows the complex and partly absurd evaluation process. Based on the game there should be shown how complicated and depressing the process for the university applicants is. Before the game begins the players roll the dice for their starter cash and then move on over various stations until they reach their university place. During this journey they have to take more or less pleasant cards with random events on them, pay bills or are waiting for no reason. The player, who at some point has got no more money or motivation has to go to the depression field and sees the other players pass him by. This project convinced at the Rundgang of the KHK 2015 and won the “Employee-Price”.
All stations and events of the game are based on real problems.

To name some explicitly :

  • Too little places and adverse periods allotted for language tests.
  • Uni-Assist (an establishment, which is in charge of the application documents for a lot of german universities) works extremely non-transparent, which is expressed in really limited contact possibilities and informations, long operation times and missing explanations about rejections.

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