Panalobby is a group consisting of art students of different nationalities: we are a platform aiming for international dialogue. Our goal is to help you with the complicated process of enrollment at Kunsthochschule Kassel through different projects, events, talks and so on.


The idea struck when Paula and Yuyen, both students of fine arts, talked about their problems regarding the complicated way of applying to the KHK. During conversations with other international students we noticed, that they experienced similar difficulties during the evaluation process. As a result Panalobby arose to be on hand with help and advice for you to get through this “university jungle”.

Before changing our name from ‘International Stem Table’ to Panalobby we realized the idea of showing the complex and partly absurd evaluation process through a game that we played with all interested vistiors at the Rundgang, an annual exhibition, of the KHK for the first time in july 2015. Like a mixture of the well known games ‘Mensch-Ärgere-Dich-Nicht’ and ‘Monopoly’ the players could experience firsthand how university enrollment, high costs, adverse deadlines for language tests and non-transparent institutions can drive you into madness. ‘Non-German Student Ärgere Dich Nicht’: the player, being most patient and luckily is the winner, like in real life.

Still Panalobby deals with those political and bureaucratic issues. We managed to get the approval of accepting various language tests and lower language test levels at the KHK for the major fine arts. Currently there is a negotiation with the management for an English version of the KHK website. Besides we aim for a deeper cooperation with the authorized institutions of the university Kassel for the international students. A job for a student associate is already held out in prospect.

  • Paula Godínez
  • Yuyen Lin
  • Sophie Hilbert
  • Thea Drechsler
  • Johanna Brummack
  • Lucie Müller
  • Isabel Simoneth